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It’s time to rediscover who you truly are.

You’re not the only one who finds it difficult to find the right medicine for mental health issues like ADHD, mood disorders, or stress.

Solari uses GeneSight technology to help predict how well your body will react to common drugs used to treat mental health issues. Patients with recognized psychiatric disorders may be encouraged to take this exam by their providers to see what medications are most likely to work based on their genetic makeup.

At Solari Mental Health, genetic testing can assist a clinician in matching a patient with a medicine that is least likely to result in adverse reactions. GeneSight is arguably the most well-known type of genetic testing available for drugs connected to mental wellness.

With the help of GeneSight, patients can receive useful insights into how they could react to different psychiatric drugs. Our clinicians can then choose effective medications, modify dosages, and develop therapies with greater knowledge, thanks to GeneSight. It results in better results and happier patients.

GeneSight is a revolutionary device, not just a test. It completely transforms the way mental health services are provided. GeneSight provides an individualized road map for improved mental health by utilizing genes.

We go beyond disease management when we use the Solari Mental Health Treatment Planning service. Your health’s entirety is being unlocked by us. Believe in your prospective self and in a customized one.

With GeneSight, explore the future of mental health treatment.